Volunteer Leaders


vols1Scouting is a volunteer organization. Thanks to the thousands of giving adults that provide leadership and support to the program, Scouting happens on a unit, district, and council level.

While volunteering is fun and rewarding it can also be a challenge. The BSA has many tools and trainings in place to help new and veteran volunteers alike be successful in delivering a quality program to all our Scouts.

Explore the "Volunteer Leaders" menu for information and resources to help you on your way. Information under the "Resources" and "Our Council" menus may also be helpful.


Advancement Part of the fun of Scouting is earning badges and advancing to the next level. Visit the Advancement page to learn more about advancement programs and how to help your Scouts advance.
Camping The outdoor program is the heart of Scouting. With four great camps and some of the best summer camp programs in the country, there are plenty of opportunities to get outdoors. Learn more about your camps and the fantastic camping programs...
Professional Leadership Network The PLN is dedicated to providing the next generation of leaders for the Dan Beard Council. The group strives to provide mentorship to the Boy Scouts and in turn benefit from top-down mentorship from the Dan Beard Council Board.
Sign up to Volunteer Do you want to be a part of the Scouting movement, but don't know where to give your time? Sign up to volunteer and we will contact you to give you some suggestions of great ways to make a difference in the lives of youth.
Training Every boy deserves a trained leader and every leader deserves to be trained! There are numerous training opportunities for parents and leaders, including online training programs. Get information about these training modules and how you can get trained...
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