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Every unit budget works a little bit differently, but the fundamentals are the same. Using the information from the previous pages, the following template should be helpful in beginning to plan your unit's budget for the year:

Expected Income


A. Number of meetings ________
B. Dues amount per meeting $_______
C. Annual dues per member (A x B) $_______
D. Average yearly membership ________
E. Total annual dues (C x D) $_______

F. Other income $_______
G. Other income $_______
H. Other income $_______
I. Total other income (F + G + H) $_______
J. Total budgeted income (E + I) $_______

Budgeted Expenses

A. Total basic expenses per boy $35.25
B. Average yearly membership _______
C. Total basic expenses (A x B) $______
D. Unit charter fee $20.00
E. Program materials $______
F. Activities $______
G. Total budgeted expenses (C + D + E + F) $______


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