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Written by Scott Snow Saturday, 10 December 2011 18:49

A dynamic quality of today’s society is the need for learning as a lifetime activity. Commissioners should therefore view learning as an important part of their entire Scouting lives.

Unit Commissioner training has the following seven elements to be carried out in a timely manner:

  1. Online Unit Commissioner Fast Start within 48 hours of being recruited.  (go to Look in the General Tab)
  2. Personal coaching/orientation Within two weeks, new commissioners should have an orientation session with their District Commissioner or ADC, discuss the online Fast Start course, then cover the orientation projects listed on page 8 in the Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service.
  3. Commissioner Basic Training within two months
  4. Continuing education (monthly and annually)
  5. Arrowhead Honor within one year (Tracking sheet for Arrowhead and Commissioner Key) form on Page 54 Field book
  6. Commissioner Key after three years
  7. Distinguished Commissioner Service Award (after five years) Page 57 of Fieldbook

Training for Roundtable Commissioners and staff can be found in the Roundtable section

Training for District or Council level roles should follow a similar process as Unit Commissioners with a few exceptions.

  1. The manual is different Administration of Commissioner Service.Training starts on Page 19.
  2. Arrowhead Honor and Commissioner Key have different requirements for District level individuals and Council level page 53,54,


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