Arrival Information


We're excited to host you at Cub World for a great Fun with Son experience! Here's all you need to know about arrival at camp and what to expect the first night...

The camp gate will open at 5pm for check-in. Early arrivals will be asked to wait in the parking lot so the staff can put the final touches on getting the camp ready for your stay.

Once check-in begins, grab a gear cart and load up your personal items and proceed to the dining pavilion just inside the camp gate. You will be quickly sent through several stations:

  • First, we'll double-check your registration and make sure we have the correct number of campers, that no payment is due, and then confirm your camp area.
  • Next, we'll have you sign in on the camp roster so we know who is in camp.
  • Then, we'll give you wristbands to identify you as a camper and your Fun With Son patches.
  • Next, we'll give you a map and a schedule of activities and let you give you a quick overview of the weekend.
  • Then, we'll collect the Annual Health and Medical History for each camper.
  • Finally, we'll give you your Fun with Son t-shirts and send you on your way!

Please note, only one adult from each pack is needed to go through the check-in process. As long as all of your pack has arrived, one person can check everyone in and collect wristbands, patches, and t-shirts for everyone.

After check-in, dinner will begin at 6pm in the dining pavilion. At that time, we'll welcome you to camp, make a few important announcements, and orient you to all the fun and activities you'll be experiencing.

Next, we'll play a fun game involving the entire camp to give you a chance to meet some new friends.

We'll round off the evening with the opening campfire and you'll get to see the staff at their best performing skits and songs just for you!



Last Updated on Saturday, 25 February 2012 12:23