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Be Prepared for Resident Camp
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"Be Prepared" for an awesome summer camp experience at Resident Camp! This page has information on what you and your pack need to do to prepare to make the most out of your stay at camp...

Click through the articles or use the menu on the right to explore all of the information you need to get ready for camp. Be sure to read the Resident Camp Leaders Guide thoroughly as well, as it is the main source of information about camp policies, procedures, forms, and programs.

The Resident Camp Guide is the main source for all information regarding summer camp programs, camp policies and procedures, maps, and much more. This document also includes all of the required registration forms and camper paperwork. While much of this information is also available on the website, the Resident Camp Guide is a convenient document with everything in one place that can be brought to a troop meeting, emailed to other leaders and parents, and brought to camp.

Please contact the Dan Beard Council Scout Achievement Center to request a copy be mailed to you, or click here to download a copy.

All Campers Should Bring:

  • Annual Health and Medical Record (all parts completed by the parent to the best of thier knowledge.)
  • Personal medications
  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • Boots/shows (suitable for hiking)
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Clothing including uniform (Class A uniforms are encouraged at flag ceremonies, but not required)
  • Swimsuit
  • Laundry bag
  • Pocketknife (Scouts must have earned their Whittlin’ Chit to carry a pocketknife)

Webelos II Bring for Outpost:

  • Ground cloth
  • Water bottle
  • Backpack

Leaders Should Also Bring:

  • Handbooks and belt loop guides
  • Matches
  • S’mores supplies and snacks (we recommend a raccoon-proof snack storage box if you bring food)
  • A watch
  • Clothesline and pins
  • Song and skit books

Recommended Items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant
  • Canteen or water bottle
  • Fanny pack or utility belt
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with visor
  • Spending money for the Trading Post
  • Frisbee, football or other like equipment.

Provided in the Fort and Castle:

Bunk beds and mattresses, four and eight person bunkhouse style rooms, picnic tables, activity rooms, running water, nearby shower-house, rake, shovel, brooms, bulletin board and campfire ring.

Provided in the Mountain Man Village and Miner's Camp:

Cots and mattresses, two man wall tents, picnic tables, shelter, running water, nearby shower-house, rake, shovel, brooms, bulletin board and campfire ring. One power outlet is available at the pavilions.

Prohibited in Camp:

  • Personal radio, PSP, iPod, Gameboy, or other electronic devices
  • Cell phones (for youth)
  • Televisions
  • Firearms or bows
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fireworks
  • Sheath knives or knives with a blade over four inches long
  • Liquid fuel.

Each Scout and adult leader staying at camp overnight must submit a completed Annual Health and Medical Record upon arrival to camp. Parts A, B, of this form must be completed. This form requires a health history, parent or guardian signature, within the last 12 months. . This is the only form that can be accepted - school or sports medical forms cannot take the place of the BSA form.

Precautions for the safety of all Scouts and Leaders are paramount in the development of our programs and facilities. In the event medical needs arise while you are in camp, our Health and First Aid Facilities are available with qualified personnel on duty 24 hours a day. Additionally, we have an agreement with Bethesda North Hospital, located 7 miles from Cub World on Montgomery Road to handle any emergency that exceeds the capability of our trained medical staff.

All medications must be kept in locked storage in the First Aid office. Certain lifesaving medications may be carried by a camper at camp; this decision will be made during the medical exam given by our health officers. All medications should be brought to camp in a zip-lock bag labeled with the Scout's name and unit number and include dosage instructions.
Every Scout will be asked to take a swim test in order to show his current swimming skill. While swim tests will be offered soon after arrival , your pack may find it convenient to perform swim tests prior to camp. Cub World will accept pre-camp swim classification tests conducted by qualified aquatics instructors. The Camp Aquatics Director reserves the right to retest all participants to assure that swim standards have been met.

Qualified aquatics instructors include:
  • Aquatics Instructor, BSA
  • BSA Lifeguard Counselor
  • BSA National Camp School Aquatics Supervisor
  • American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
  • School Swim Coach

Click here to download the Pre-Camp Swim Classification Record.

Visitors and Late Arrivals

All campers, leaders and authorized visitors will be issued camp identification bracelets to be worn at all times while in camp.

All leaders arriving at camp at some time other than check-in must register at the Administration Building and get a camp identification bracelet. It is also important that any leader being replaced signs out, as we must know who is at camp at all times.

All visitors must sign in and sign out at the Camp Office and wear a camp ID bracelet. Any visitor who has not registered may be asked to leave camp. It is important for safety that we know who is visiting our camp and when. Visitors who intend to eat a meal at camp must purchase a meal ticket at the camp office.


Vehicles and Parking

In accordance with BSA policy and safety regulations, personal vehicles are not permitted in camp. Exceptions are made for adults that have a valid state-issued handicap pass. The parking lot is clearly marked and just outside the entrance to camp. Only emergency and maintenance vehicles will be allowed to park at the Administration Building. The Ranger staff will haul camper's gear to their campsites upon arrival. This policy is for the safety of all campers. Parents who might be visiting camp should be made aware of this important policy. We appreciate your cooperation in parking only in designated areas.


Smoking and Alcohol

Cub World is a non-smoking facility. Smoking or tobacco use in front of any camper, leader, or staff member is strictly prohibited. The only designated smoking area in camp is at the bridge closest to the river in the treeline behind the dining pavailion. Alcoholic beverages are never permitted on Boy Scout property. Please help the camp enforce these rules by making sure all leaders and parents in your troop are aware of this policy.


Camp Rules

A few camp rules apply for the safety and comfort of all campers:

  • The Little Miami River and lowland area around its banks are off limits. The staff may lead nature hikes in this areas, but campers are not permitted near the river without a staff member.
  • Please do not run on the gravel roads.
  • Rocks don't have wings, so please don't try to make them fly.
  • Please do not climb on Francis, our Big Boy statue.
  • The Buddy System is enforced at all times - Scouts should never wander camp alone.

Parents need to be prepared for summer camp so they know what to expect and how the camp operates. Scouts' parents should be aware of the camp policies and procedures.

Mail Service

Mail to campers is welcome and encouraged. It will be distributed daily to at lunchtime. Mail service can sometimes take a few days to arrive, so be sure to plan accordingly. Mail should be addressed to:

Scout's Name
Pack # and camp area
6035 Price Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140

Emergency Phone Calls

There is phone service at camp, but only emergency calls are accepted for campers. The emergency phone number for Cub World is (513) 831-8311.

Campers are discouraged from making calls home, as this tends to disrupt the pack program. If one of the pack leaders believes that it is necessary for your son to call home, permission will be granted. An adult leader must accompany a Scout while he uses the phone. Please do not allow your son to bring a cell phone to camp.


Parents and other visitors are always welcome to observe the programs and facilities at Cub World. Since the pack has a schedule of activities planned, visitors should check with pack leaders before arriving to find an appropriate time to visit. All visitors are required to sign-in at the Camp Office upon arrival and will be given a visitor wristband to wear.

Guest meals at camp are always available. Meal tickets can be purchased at the Camp Office: breakfast is $5, lunch is $6, and dinner is $7. Children 6 and under eat free.

With the exception of Fun with Son participants, family camping is not permitted at Cub World. The only children under 18 permitted to stay overnight are registered Cub Scouts with a pack. Family members who wish to stay overnight are encourage to find motel accommodations in the Milford and Loveland area.

Early Release of Campers

In order to release a camper prior to the last evening of camp, an Early Release form for the Scout must be submitted upon arrival at camp. If it is not on file with in the camp office at the time of release, all Scouts leaving camp will be required to be signed out personally by a pack leader. There are no exceptions to this policy. Click here to download a copy of the Early Release Form.

We recommend that the pack leaves together from a single location in order to take care of last minute details or to form carpools. Pack check-in begins at 10am on Day One. Trailers will be staged in the parking lot to collect campers' gear and will be hauled to campsites by the Ranger staff.

Once all the campers from a your pack have arrived, one pack leader should proceed to the dining pavilion to check-in and submit all paperwork. Staff members will be in the parking lot, engaging the boys in games while your leader checks in. When all the campers from a program area have arrived, a staff member will lead the group to your camp area. A Leader's Orientation Meeting will be at 2:00pm in the Administration Building and at least one leader from each pack should attend. Staff will supervise the Scouts during this time.

After lunch at noon, groups will be brought around camp for a tour, medical checks, swim checks (if needed) and other camp orientation activities. There will be ample to to set up campsites before the first camp-wide gathering for Flag Lowering at 5:30pm.

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