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Payment 2

On or before April 6, 2015, your unit's second payment is due.  This is the early registration deadline.

  • Please refer to the registration instructions for complete details of the process.
  • A payment of $85 for each registered Scout and $60 for each paid adult is due on or before April 6th.
  • Online payment is the preferred method.  You may pay at the Scout Achievement Center, but you must still use the online registration system.  A computer will be available in the lobby of the Scout Achievement Center for your convenience.
  • Be sure to announce the payment deadline at an advance meeting and collect payments in time to submit them by the deadline.
  • Scouts and adults who register after April 6th will be charged the full rate of $270 and $140, respectively.
  • Exception - Webelos crossovers and newly registered Scouts will qualify for the early rate of $250 if registered prior to the start of camp.