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Merit Badge Registration

Preparing for Registration

  • Several meetings prior to March 16th, each Scout should be provided a copy of the 2015 Merit Badge and Program Schedule, the 2015 Merit Badge and Program Pre-Requisite List, and the Individual Scout Activity Schedule.  Scouts should select a first, second and third choice of merit badge or program for each time slot.
  • Scout leaders and parents should carefully review each Scout's selections to ensure they are registering for merit badges they can successfully complete.
  • Review the requirements and pre-requisites then consider the mental and physical maturity required for each badge.
  • At least one meeting prior to March 16th, the Summer Camp Coordinator should collect the Scout Activity Schedules and verify that each schedule is practical and the times are correct.
  • Prior to the registration date, make sure all unit payments are up to date and the unit has a zero balance due.  You cannot register for merit badges if your unit has an outstanding balance.

On March 16, 2015, merit badge registration opens in the online registration system promptly at 9:00 am EDT.

  • Please refer to the registration instructions for complete details of the process.
  • Register each Scout for their chosen merit badges and programs.
  • All sessions are first-come, first-served.  Register early!!!
  • Some merit badges and programs have additional fees.  Those fees will be due with your final payment by May 4th.
  • Some sessions will fill up more quickly than others.  If a session is full, it will not be displayed on the registration screen.
  • Class size limits are based on national standards, practicality, and safety standards.  Class size limits will not be changed.
  • If necessary, register a Scout for their second or third choice for a given time slot.
  • Check back frequently.  Openings do occur as units make changes to their Scout's schedules.